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Virtual Business Challenge

When teams go to work on real operational challenges, business is transformed.

Virtual Business Challenge

Where work based learning creates real change

Blue chip clients have used our Business Challenge programmes for several years, to develop a mindset of innovation and agility in their management teams. Over the last few months the Challenge programme has become Virtual, so teams can be confident and agile in a COVID 19 world. Businesses who want to keep growing, need to be flexible, work together and be innovative. The Virtual Business Challenge helps our clients keep ahead, in a demanding, strategic environment.

Leading Change and Growth

“We need to find smarter ways of working, reduce our wastage and deepen our customer value.”

This was the driver for one of our clients.  

“It’s not just about something new, it’s the challenge of keeping on with our ‘normal’ business, while creating added value and new offerings, to attract new clients. We can’t afford to stand still and operate with a fixed mind-set.”

Combining traditional platforms with the latest technology is a competence every business needs. Business Challenge takes real issues in teams, organisational development, product and service delivery and transforms them. What happens when a team focuses on specific issues is exceptional. Our clients see a range of results including:

Creation of a new, highly successful business within the parent group. 

Fast forwarding digitilization in the organisation. 

Implementing a new virtual performance dialogue system and reducing wastage. 

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Resolving cash flow issues and increasing financial stability.

Improving internal network for measurably improved communication and performance. 

Developing new offers to existing clients resulting in significant sales upturn. 

The Challenge runs with up to 4 teams of around 5-6 people. At the end of the programme, each team delivers a group presentation to senior decision makers. The outcomes are incredible, not just for the business, but the teams and individuals as well.

“We have a much better understanding of our strengths and our weaknesses as a result of this programme. We have learnt the meaning of teamwork and now practice active leadership as a result of our learning. This was definitely a priceless and remarkable experience that every manager deserves to have at least once in their career.”

 “Thanks for your support and guidance to the teams. They have delivered great results.”

Experiential Learning for Managers

For management teams who want to be more agile, we typically find they benefit from development and support around several core capabilities. Although we tailor the Business Challenge programme to meet the needs of specific clients, we are often asked to include:  

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Collaboration & Networking. Managers typically focus on their own responsibilities. Helping them to work collaboratively within the broader management team develops a more strategic approach and better understanding of the overall organisational needs. Taking those skills a step further for internal and external networking, builds confidence and adaptability.

Problem-solving & Innovation. Developing specific practical skills gives managers and leaders a common language and approach. Not only do they use their learning in this programme, they treat it as part of their everyday management tool kit.

Performance under pressure. Whether it’s ‘normal’ pressure or a COVID 19 world pressure, having the skills to work well, make the right decisions and keep your teams working with you, is an essential skill for business managers. We show them how to stay cool and keep performing.

Leading well. Leadership occurs at all levels. Whether it’s leading your team or leading across teams, there are skills involved in making it work well. We develop leaders using practical, experiential learning so they try out their learning within the programme. This is all about how to lead in practice.

Communication physical and virtual. There’s evidence that communication is even more important in a virtual and remote business environment. It isn’t just what you say but how you say, how often and what you encourage the teams to do. Our programme helps managers to adapt, be confident, agile and effective in their communications.

Online Presentation skills. How you present online is very different experience to a face to face environment. Selling, influencing, persuading; these all change with the medium and the tools. Our Challenge gives managers the opportunity to try out – and get feedback on – new styles, tools and their impact.

Know yourself & those around you. Our Challenge teams often use DiSC, Insights, MBTI and so on, to understand their own styles in detail. Knowing yourself and how to adapt to work with other people who have a different approach, enables managers to manage so much better.

Coaching. Team and peer coaching, individual coaching and the use of a coaching style with their teams, helps managers embed their learning and take their management skills up a level. Teams perform better with managers who coach.

We are here to help

Would you like this kind of impact for your organisation? Do get in touch to discuss how we can help you right now. Our experiential learning is highly practical, engaging and transformational. We are helping organisations thrive and innovate. Would you like to be one of them?

Cecilia Westin Curry is sales lead for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries. For an informal discussion on whether we are the right people to partner with you, do get in touch with her. Cecilia moves between Scotland, Sweden and Zoom

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