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We set goals for ourselves all the time. Sometimes they work well and other times, not so well. We can sabotage ourselves without intending to. We can quietly put barriers in our own way, cause ourselves to fail and then get frustrated. Why does this happen? Whether it’s getting a promotion or getting fitter, we want to succeed. How can we improve our chances of success?

This session looks at how you can set goals that align with your values and use this approach to improve your personal and professional successes. Sometimes you need to change the goal, the way you think about it or the way you approach it.

In this 50 minute webinar, Marina will show you how to:

  • Set clear goals, aligned with your values
  • Foster self-motivation
  • Increase your successes
  • Discover how to realize your full potential
  • Identify barriers and mind-traps that get in your way

This is an interactive session with presentation, storytelling and cases, chat activities, polls, Q&A. You will get some practical tools and strategies to try out during the session and you can chat to Marina about them.

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Date: Wednesday 19th June

Time: 16.00 CET, 15.00 UK time, 10am EDT

About Marina Ivanenko

Marina Ivanenko is an outstanding facilitator, speaker and coach. Working online from Ukraine, she will share a Keynote Speech she recently delivered to a professional women’s network. 

Marina has a background in global HR, learning and development and business too. She coaches leaders at all levels and works with talent pools to help individuals realise their potential. 

Marina is an ICF accredited coach and skilled at working online. “Marina is just outstanding. She delivers engaging, fun, facilitated sessions and her knowledge is amazing.”

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