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Tim Kemp

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Tim is a global Canadian. He grew up in Newfoundland, Quebec and Manitoba, graduated from the University of Alberta and worked in Northern Ontario and Northern Saskatchewan before moving to Europe where he is now an international leadership specialist. We are delighted to have him as Program Director at CLS, leading some of our biggest program delivery teams. 

Tim has been working as a trainer and facilitator for over 35 years. “It’s very easy to assume there is a ‘right’ way to lead, or a right way to do management. We have to understand that leading and managing is about adapting your approach to fit the people you work with. Every group of managers I work with are potentially creating new ideas and approaches which will work for their people, their organisation.” This highly pragmatic approach is part of the reason Tim is so highly regarded as an international leadership specialist, with publications and global associate roles. 

Tim has worked with a very wide range of businesses and organisations. Nokia, Salesforce, The World Bank, Vanguard, Takeda, LeadingNow, Ferrero Roche, PwC Academies in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and the Council of Europe, to name just a few.  He is also the CLS Programme Director for the UNICEF global Management Masterclass, which has trained more than 1200 leaders since 2016. 

Some feedback Tim cherishes came from one UNICEF manager. “If these Masterclasses continue at this standard, then I guarantee they will positively impact on the lives of children.”  For Tim, the whole point of training is “having a direct impact on delivery. It’s about having a conversation so managers can go away and plan how they will have a real impact on their organisation.”  

Tim has a deep commitment to diversity & inclusion, working specifically with women leaders, as well as addressing broader issues of diveristy & inclusion within organizations. Tim’s experience means he can show the practical value of looking differently at DEI. “We cannot afford to ignore or exclude people who are customers, future leaders or part of our talent pool. We work in a highy diverse, global society and we have so much to gain from including all our teams, our leaders and our customers in the way we work.”  

Tim is certified for a variety of psychometrics,  is an experienced trainer of trainers and a Leadership Fellow of St.George’s House, Windsor Castle. He has also been known to build his own cedarstrip canoe. 

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