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Tegan Samija

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Tegan is full of energy even when she is still. Her face lights up when she talks about her passions. With a genuine commitment to socially vital work, Tegan volunteers for the world’s largest climate work community. This global view is also present in the work she has done with helping young social entrepreneurs develop their own businesses and projects. Having an international outlook gives her a different perspective. Tegan knows first hand that when businesses want to develop internationally, they need a deep understanding of the cultures they work with and sell to. “I am passionate about addressing climate change and I also want to make a real impact in everything I do. We all go to work to make a difference. Helping businesses be the best they can by developing and using their leaders effectively, is important. We all want to work in a world where we are encouraged to be the best we can be, every day, so the companies we work with thrive.” 

An interest in writing led Tegan to write for the Tech sector space. Working on both research based white papers and more informal blogs, Tegan helps teams to “de-tech” their writing so they can communicate more effectively with the rest of us. “We sometimes take communication skills for granted. None of us are perfect and the more potential you have as a leader, the better your skills should be. It isn’t just speaking or writing that matters. Can you influence others? Persuade? Present and engage your audience at the highest level? Do you know how to communicate so you make the sale or stay aligned with your customers? These are all vital skills in an ever changing business world.”  

Tegan is based in Vancouver although she works globally both in person and online. When she has time to spare she loves reading, hiking, and exploring new parts of Canada and the US. 


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