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Sylvia Sage

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Sylvia is Programme and Client Account Director, and Head of Coaching and Wellbeing, incorporating DEI, Respectful Workplace and Stress Management & Resilience programmes. Sylvia’s remit includes international training consultancy and design, client and team management, coaching and facilitation. 

Sylvia’s real curiosity and belief in the potential of the individual lie at the heart of her coaching and training, enhanced by her studies in Neuroscience, Therapy, Psychology, Meditation, Mental Health & Suicide First Aid. Her solid grounding in research and international business and management experience enable her to take a real-world approach to helping people find solutions which will work for them. She cares deeply about the people she works with. “Sylvia is just the nicest person and she will help you solve your problems all the way through training. I’ve seen people wait to talk with her after a workshop and she is really invested in helping others.” 

As a trauma-sensitive executive and team coach working at all levels of the hierarchy, Sylvia is on a mission to create more respectful, inclusive, and healthier workplaces. She specialises in designing and delivering Respectful Workplace and DEI/Culture Change programmes, to help organizations find practical ways to create and sustain an environment which helps people to be their best at work. “When people feel safe and valued, the individual, the team and the organization all benefit”, says Sylvia. 

 As one coach explained, Sylvia has a particular approach. “For me it was a masterclass in coaching a team under intense pressure. A striking example of the good a highly skilled agency like ours can do… Coaching can have huge impact on lives. It’s frequently demanding stuff, and often rewarding. We will only be strengthened by having Sylvia supporting us in this practice leadership role.”

Dividing her time between England and Austria, Sylvia works internationally and enjoys working with people from all over the world. Outside her professional capacity, Sylvia is busy with her family and animals, nature, music and painting, and, in particular, working with rescue donkeys.

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