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Susi Watson

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Susi is a creative thinker who inspires creativity in others. What you notice first about Susi’s work, are the colourful visuals she draws with teams in her training. Susi uses visual facilitation to help people see things from different perspectives. “Visual facilitation helps clients to reflect conversations and see opportunities in complex challenges. It allows everyone to see patterns in diverse points of view, express and connect ideas in new ways. It’s a powerful way to work and you don’t need to be an artist to use it.”

Susi helps people overcome their critical voices, so they can effectively co-create and iterate innovative, actionable strategic ideas.  Her work with Business schools – including Stanford, IESE, Cranfield School of Management and Cambridge University – has inspired lateral, creative problem-solving skills in students, as well as executive leadership programs. Susi’s experience includes 25 years’, leading experience design projects and longer-term strategic initiatives across industry sectors. Representative clients include California Academy of Science, Schwab, Cisco Systems, MOOG Technologies and the Walt Disney Corporation. “I am passionate about helping clients see opportunities, connect ideas and turn their creative potential into actionable results. Innovation skills are critical for businesses of all sizes. When you innovate and create while learning, innovation and creation continue at work.”

Susi loves to connect with nature in any form and she is especially drawn to water. Jumping into the ocean is at the top of her list of things she loves to do. 


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