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Sarah Shaw

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Sarah is an excellent project manager with over 20 years’ experience in managing learning events and developing learning experiences. Her cross-functional and cross-cultural experience enables her to create international programs and partnerships across geographies, between executive education and business. As a Canadian living and working in Europe, Sarah understands the challenges of working across a range of cultural boundaries. “It isn’t just about language. Organizations sometimes need to adjust to the reality of values, norms and behaviors being different in each country. Even when everyone agrees, the reality of putting an idea into practice can be complex.”

Sarah’s style is task-oriented and thorough. Careful listening to client needs is essential. Understanding the outcomes an organization wants to achieve is crucial for delivering on the scope of projects. “Clients have to make adjustments all the time and that affects the project. My role is make sure we keep sight of both the details, and also the overall aim. I keep my eye on the end goal so that we do achieve what the client actually needs!” Sarah is great at delivering on detail and ensuring that global, fluid delivery teams stay on track, no matter how complex the client project.

Sarah’s background includes a PhD in child rights and she has always been clear about the power of education to enable and transform. “I understand the challenges in balancing learning and change within challenging work environments – and for business to achieve their best, together with their people, learning needs to happen within a culture of openness and respect to encourage creativity and develop competencies.”

Sarah joined CLS in 2018, and moves between Vienna, Austria and Nova Scotia. Sarah is a native English speaker, fluent in German and heads up sales operations in Canada and the United States. When she isn’t working, she is busy hiking, taking care of her family and making sure the cat has everything he needs.  

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