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Paul is an engineer with a real gift for business. He’s been a country manager, operations manager, head of supply chain, worked in business development and truly understands how companies work. Paul has a gift for working with struggling companies and turning things around. “You need to bring people on board with changes, motivate them, help them. Nothing will change unless you bring your people with you.”

With a deep belief in doing the right things for the right reasons, Paul discovered a passion for developing people. “I deliver a lot of different modules, but take change management. For that to work well, you need good communication, teamwork, leadership, planning, listening to people. You need to work well with all your people and get them working with you. It’s called soft skills but it can be hard to get it all right.”

Paul works with MBA students as well as businesses. He knows that the way people learn is just as important as what they learn. “On one course I worked on, there was a high failure rate. We focused on application of learning and started to achieve 100% pass rate. I brought that experience into my training. You need to help people to work out how to use their learning and knowledge. When people know how to use their learning and practice using it, it becomes much easier.”

Paul works across Asia and loves his job. “It’s all about realising your priorities. Have just a few and make them happen.”

When Paul isn’t working, he focuses on his family, plays the piano, reads and writes.

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