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Mark Miller

Based in

Mark is truly international. He’s an American who returned to the US after 30 years in Europe.

With degrees in computer science and a PhD in economics Mark put his knowledge to excellent use in business. He’s worked as a leader and manager in Siemens and in successful businesses he has started, developed and sold.

When Mark facilitates leadership development, he works from a deep experience of what being a leader in business means. “Our world is becoming more complex. We need to work in a more agile fashion. Things change so quickly. We need a mindset of agile working to keep up with our customers and what they need.”

Mark is a skilled facilitator who understands how much experience people bring to their own learning. “They want to be heard. We need to build on the ability they have, so that the programme makes a real difference. We use different media, different approaches, we work hard to make sure our training works for everyone.”

Mark has also taught intercultural management as an adjunct professor at two German universities (European Management School and Mainz Business school).

Working languages

English – native

German – native

Spanish – conversational 

French – conversational

Services: Logistics, Banking

Engineering & Start ups

Manufacturing & Production

Scientific & Research

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