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Liam Gilmour

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Liam´s focus has always been towards human behaviour. After several years working as a state- certified psychotherapist and clinical psychologist, he moved into coaching and training. “When you work with leaders, they need practical tools appropriate concepts in order to be even more effective. Coaching, facilitating and training means I can work with people to provide an immediate impact by substantially enhancing their existing abilities.”

Specialising in some of the most essential “soft” skills, such as communication, teamwork and leading through change, Liam also brings a strong international understanding to his work. He has lived and worked in the USA, UK, Japan, Spain and of course Germany, where he lives. Liam has a deep knowledge of the difference that culture-based values and behaviour makes to teams. This forms his approach to working with businesses while integrating teams during post -merger and acquisition. It also has a practical impact on his international team development work. “Teams are dynamic and fluid. When you have individuals from different cultures, the strength and complexity of the team is a main focus. Understanding the cultural diversity of a team helps the team become stronger. Leaders can use this in-depth understanding to increase their confidence to work with, rather than against the relevant aspects of cultures.” 

With extensive experience of working with junior, middle and senior managers, Liam is familiar with the reality that leaders face on a day-to-day basis. He has a strong background in the automotive sector, delivering programs such as “Führung in der Fertigung”  and “Authentic Leadership” as well as developing teams to fulfil their potential. With a portfolio as diverse as Bosch, BASF, Dekra, Lufthansa Systems and Flen Health, Liam takes his work seriously, yet has a dynamic, informal and inquisitive approach to his work. He is genuinely interested in contributing towards overcoming the professional and personal challenges that individuals face, as well as in improving the way people work together. 

When he isn’t working, Liam plays tennis, football, motorcycling, and working on his second home in Spain. He also plays piano and guitar, thus occasionally entertaining his family and many friends. 

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