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Judeline Nicholas

Judeline is a diversity & inclusion specialist who began her career in Human Resources and specialised in Learning and Development provision which is her passion.  “L&D captured my heart. Coaching and training has the power to enable folk to be the best they can be – professionally and personally. The way a person thinks, the way a business works, the culture and success of an organisation. If you want people to think or behave differently, if you want your organisation to live its values, then develop your people. People development presents enormous value in the return on that investment.”

Gaining insight into how people and organisations behave, is core to Judeline’s approach. “Everyone has a list of values, or a mission. Do people live it? If not, then it’s just a list of words. When you engage with how people feel and get them emotionally involved in their work, their team, the organisation, then you see real impact.” This emotional engagement is key to change, changing people and organisations. It’s also at the heart of Judeline’s focus, which is helping organisations to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion that creates a sense of belonging, both for their employees and their customers.

“When people come to work knowing they are valued, that their opinion and contribution matters, they feel positive about their work and their employer. They invest in making their organisation successful. It becomes personal.” There is a strong business case for developing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to improve wellbeing, employee engagement and business success. Getting that right is not always obvious or easy which is why CLS is proud to have facilitators with the expertise and commitment we see everyday with Judeline. She has won awards for her worm on EDI and is often asked to be a judge for professional recognition awards.  Judeline also sits as a lay member of Employment Tribunal Panels which gives her work that essential reality check!

HR, Learning and Development

Employment Law & Tribunals

Public Sector & 3rd Sector

International Manufacturing

Civil Service

Local Authorities, NHS

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