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Lynn has a strong HR background and has worked in HR for over 15 years. She absolutely loves it. Her work has taken her into multinational private and public sector organisations, and several countries. Not only has she worked in Lebanon and the Middle East, but also has had exposure to French, North African, Pakistani and French markets. She is also fluent in Arabic, French and English. Lynn became involved with CLS training and coming from an HR background, was a little surprised at our learning and development approach. “Training is a lot more interesting than I initially thought it would be. You learn so much both from the people you train and the people you train with. When you combine all that knowledge and skill, it is very powerful.”

Lynn brings a deep level of understanding around talent management and management skills to the work she does. As a facilitator for our Management Masterclasses, she expects to meet highly skilled participants. “Sometimes the managers and leaders are very senior. Their experience means we adapt our delivery for that session, to meet their particular needs. It’s necessary to stretch people, help them learn and develop, so they can take their learning back to work and transform what they do. It isn’t just learning which matters, it is how things are done, too. It is essential to have a deep understanding of the culture and context of the people and client organisation.”

When Lynn isn’t working, she reads, sings, travels and does a variety of community and volunteer work. “I am passionate about helping to build communities. I raise funds and support young entrepreneurs and am involved in so many things. Without our communities we are nothing.”

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