You are invited

Join us for a journey into online learning and working. Experience stimulating, energizing, creative & collaborative events to change the way you think, learn and work

You are invited

Are you looking for a virtual environment that works for everyone?

At CLS we put thought and effort into creating virtual spaces which energize and stimulate. Whether it’s a single team or a whole organization, you need your people to be comfortable, creative, engaged and happy to be at work. That is true for virtual space as well as physical space. 

Join us for a journey. You already know what it’s like to do too many zooms, online meetings and virtual learning. This journey will take you somewhere different. It will show you how you can create and co-create online environments which give individuals and teams spaces they enjoy and use for collaborative work and learning. 

Come and join us for a taster session.

  • Do you want your teams to perform well in a virtual environment? See and experience a range of tools and techniques to create an energizing environment.
  • Do your internal trainers need new ways of engaging with learners and creating impact? See how we deliver training and the skills we help internal trainers to develop.

Right now, you want to create ways for your people to do what they do best, in a changing, virtual, sometimes unsettled environment. 

This session will give you an insight into how we can help you enable your people, while playing to the strengths of virtual technology. Join us to see how you can:

  • Feel less tired out by the virtual world
  • Learn how to leverage the power of collaborative online tools
  • Become more stimulated and engaged
  • Experience an element of freedom and informality
  • Take delight in elements of randomness

Tools for working & learning in our new world

  • Thursday 25th March 10.00 EST, 14.00 GMT, 15.00 CET
  • Register now – places are limited 
  • Ideal for L&D, HR, OD professionals to see what great delivery looks like

We will take you on a journey to examine – 

LEARNING FOR PERFORMANCE: Experiential learning using customized CLS solutions and tools to show how we support and help teams under pressure. 

SIMULATING THE CO-LOCATED OFFICE: Using open space techniques we will demonstrate how to create a virtual office for teams, for working, learning and enabling your people. 

NEW WAYS OF WORKING:  Come for a walk with us and make your meeting more creative and productive than ever.

We have been designing and delivering facilitated learning since 2007. Recently our largest clients have asked us to deliver everything online and they are delighted with the outcomes. From technical managers at Max Planck, excited to learn new tools for team meetings, or DHL, whose international managers have enjoyed major development programs without leaving home, to UNICEF working online with 30 teams in one day to review and discuss strategy, we understand how to create the right virtual environment and bring it alive for you. 

Our approach is practical, experiential and immersive. The learning we create for you will be applied immediately. Participants report they use what they learn for months and years after the workshops. Join us for a taste of how successful this approach can be for you. 

Meet your facilitator

Amer Jabry is an outstanding international facilitator. Amer is both experienced and comfortable working with multinational, complex organizations. He regularly facilitates events for learning, organizational development and strategic direction for our largest clients. Amer understands the daily challenges large, dispersed and international teams face and has created a range of solutions to enable people to find new ways of performing and working together. 

“Working in a virtual environment creates specific challenges. We need to find new ways of working which energize us, stimulate us and allow us to engage with one another in a real way, even though we are not together in an office. When we do that, our leaders and teams benefit and the organisation finds real impetus.”


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