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Jacqueline Williams

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Jacqueline talks in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, about being both a barrister and a qualified accountant as though it’s quite normal to have two professions. Add to this, a Master’s in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, and qualifications in coaching, it is no surprise to find that Jacqueline is strong on helping both individuals and organisations, to develop. We are delighted to have her leading on some of our gobal leadership & management development programs. 

“If you want to get me really excited, get me talking about women’s leadership, especially African women’s leadership. For me, it’s about giving back to the community whence I came.” Jacqueline has spent many years working with charities and social enterprises in the UK and West Africa. She also helps current and future leaders understand how to work effectively in the boardroom. “Women usually feel they need training to be in the boardroom, far more often than men” she says. Jacqueline actively works with leaders and charities to help them develop best practice in their governance, to transform the way they work and their impact on their community.

With homes in the UK and Sierra Leone, Jacqueline’s outlook is global. She sees first-hand the difference individuals and organisations can make in their communities. “I was one of the lucky ones, to have a forceful, supportive, mother who encouraged me to build my career. Now I help people find the tools they need for their toolbox, so they can grow in their work.” Jacqueline doesn’t just work with individual leaders, she also works with the organisations who need them. “It isn’t just about training women to get into the boardroom. You also need organisations to look at how they can increase the number of women in their boardrooms.”

Jacqueline has discovered the delights of walking, something she is surprised to enjoy so much. “Being able to walk by the beach in Sierra Leone is very important. I walk with a group and I’m part of a community. Here in England, I walk in parks which is a different experience. Both are good, it’s good to be in the natural world.” When she isn’t working – “I work all the time!” – Jacqueline delights in being an auntie and giving her extended family the listening ear they need.



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