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Gianluca Fioravanti

Based in

Gianluca got into training because he was a project manager who had finished his projects. “There was time before my next project started and I was asked to train up some new project managers. Understanding the pressures and structure of being a project manager is very important when you train someone up. It means I know what they have to deal with.” 

From there, Gianluca has gone on to design and deliver training for a broad range of companies, from software to motor manufacturers in many countries. Although he is a Roman through and through, his skill in languages – he speaks five – and ability to help people develop, means his approach is truly international. 

Gianluca is certified in change management, project management and coaching. He has a complete approach to helping managers develop. Not only does he understand what they do, he helps them to think it through and apply their learning in a very practical way. “If you only learn how to do things in one way for one company, it limits you. I am able to share the learning across companies and that gives managers and teams different ways of seeing things. 

When he isn’t working, Gianluca loves to explore Rome. “No matter how long you live here, there is always something new to see.” He loves to be on the water too, exploring in different ways. 

Working languages

italian – NATIVE
English – Fluent
French – fluent
Spanish – fluent




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