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Eva Neumann

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Eva’s eyes light up as we talk about her work with teams. “It is always about how can single team members be the best version of themselves within their team. What role fits for an individual to be able to contribute? How can one feel safe though being different? How can we as a team change together and provide full power for our mission?”

Eva has worked as a trainer and consultant for over 20 years. Her interest in working with teams was already developing when she was at university. “Some of the professors were excellent, but I noticed that although I learn well while listening to a lecture, I learn even more intensely when I interact. It’s the same for most people.”

In teams, the complex relationships can make communication difficult. “When you communicate, you need to understand how other people see you and hear you.” As a certified coach, Eva supports people find new ways to speak and work with colleagues. 

Eva encourages people to understand how each one plays a part in the team and she makes it safe to talk about the way everyone works together. “A team is a sounding board. An individual develops best through feedback from the own team. My role is to provide a safe and interactive environment for that.” Through observing, listening and providing feedback she helps people see themselves differently and that can change the way they communicate.

Eva is Master in Rhetoric, Musicology and Philosophy, and in a second focus of her work, she coaches experts for their internal company presentations and to develop more visibility. It’s no surprise that Eva is in demand in large German companies, international organizations and in clinical settings. 

“If you want a great team, then you need to invest some time. The team needs understanding as individuals and also as a group.” Providing space to develop, address issues and keep on track means that the teams Eva works with, continually develop. “When you create the right environment, people develop psychological safety and can achieve high levels of performance.” Her ability to help teams has a measurable impact in all settings. 

Eva clearly loves her work. She is a native German speaker who also works in English, designing and delivering a range of training. She works mainly online these days but is looking forward to travelling again. Eva shares her home with her children and a cello and is devoted to all of them. 


Certified coach in the field of energy techniques

Over 20 years of experience as a communication consultant and trainer

Working languages

English – fluent

german – native


Public Sector


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