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DHL Global Forwarding – agile solutions for talent management

DHL Global Forwarding needed CLS to move fast to deliver their unique, experiental skills programme online.

Client Profile

DHL Global Forwarding take an active approach to talent management

DHL Global Forwarding is a division of DHL Global, a global logistics provider.

The challenge

Is your company confronted with the need to cancel face-to-face trainings and Talent Programs? See how we at CLS are supporting DHL Global with virtual training for their Talent Program.

CLS have been the partner of DHL Global Forwarding to run the Build your Skills (ByS) Talent Development Program since 2012.

In 2020 it was planned for 2 modules of 4 days in March and October with a ‘development assignment’ for participants to undertake between the two modules. After an initial ‘kick off’ webinar in February, Module 1 was postponed due to travel limitations related to the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

The solution

Together with Daniela Kerkhoff-Guenther’s team we came up with an online approach to continue to offer development for the 27 participants from all around the world.

To accommodate different time zones, we are dividing the participants into two groups which will also help to run the sessions in a very interactive way.

Infographic showing the process of the DHL course

The webinars help the participants on their leadership journey, understanding their styles and the style of others and building their global network. As part of that, we share with them the theory of Insights Discovery. They receive their individual profiles to further discuss with their team members to understand their preferred communication styles and to adapt to others.

What does DHL think?

Read here what Harm Otten, the Head of HR for DHL Global Forwarding/Freight thinks about this approach:

“Build Your Skills is a unique and special program for DHL Global Forwarding. Our more than 200 alumni have made great impact to our organization as individual contributors and leaders. Our collaboration with CLS is making the 2020 program a reality even during this challenging situation. They are supporting us to connect the participants virtually and still delivering high quality content. For me, Human Resources and Employee Development are not excluded from the trends shaping the world. Digitalization and virtual learning are influencing HR and pushing us to catch up with the needs of our current and future employees and Build your Skills is proving this is possible”

A laptop with the inscription, 'never stop learning'.

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