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Deepa doesn’t consider herself a trainer. Her role is to facilitate learning and change. Deepa loves understanding what makes people tick, then working with them in the way that is best for their learning. “I use theory and the latest thinking to design my training. It’s my job to make that come alive because managers don’t want to study theory. They want practical tools to help them do their jobs better.”

Deepa has an extensive HR background in business, within multinational telecommunications, banking, logistics & pharmaceutical sectors. This means she understands the importance of team performance. “Everyone needs to achieve great performance from their people. We all want to attract and retain the best talent. The ability to change and work differently, as the business environment changes is so important. High quality learning and development has a huge impact on all of those things.”

Deepa’s qualifications in HR, 360 degree assessments and change management, helps her to work with a wide range of businesses. She has a passion for developing women leaders to showcase their talents and the best of themselves. “I love it when people come up to tell me their learning has added to their leadership tool kit. Working in CLS programmes people have learned how powerful it can be to adopt a coaching style. They can be shocked by how great an impact their learning has on their teams. That’s what good learning and development is about. It changes things for everyone.”

Deepa is enthusiastic about everything she does. She smiles a lot and tries to live with an attitude of gratitude. Deepa particularly enjoys traveling and making music (including tinkling the ivory keys), song-writing and singing with her husband.

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