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David Rowlands

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David’s business background and extensive experience as a leadership trainer, facilitator and coach, make him an ideal Program Director for CLS. With a established career in accountancy,  he moved into training and human resources. “I really enjoy developing and creating training material that is fun and would interest and stimulate me”.

Creating a stimulating learning environment is key to helping leaders solve real world challenges. David’s expertise makes him the ideal person to run the flagship leader development program for one of our long standing clients. “When you bring together leaders and managers from multiple countries to work together, you create new kinds of thinking. They understand more about the business, each other and how to work across departments and countries. That’s a powerful tool for any company who wants to create agility and confidence in dealing with a volatile global business environment.”

David’s interactive learning approach is based in tried and tested models and techniques, creating a practical portfolio of tools for developing leaders. He is accredited for several psychometrics, using them to create deeper understanding between leaders and, teams. “When you understand how to adapt your approach to create better working relationships and encourage others to make their best contribution, people are more engaged and excited to be part of the business. Everyone benefits when people are included, engaged and empowered.” As an accredited Career Development Coach, David appreciates how important it is for businesses to attract the most talented people and then encourage them to stay.

When he isn’t working, David is a keen supporter of various sports, especially soccer and rugby. David is based in South West England and works globally both online and in person.  


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