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Create your best ever teams

Deliver great team performance every day

Create your best ever teams

How do you create your best ever team?

Teamwork is a partnership. Everyone in the team needs to work with one another to deliver the best possible team working. Then the team and the leader also need to work together to deliver results.

Most teams are OK. Some are great and a few teams are not good at all. We all want to be in teams which are great to work in, productive and successful. How can you help all your teams become the best they can be? 

CLS believes that taking tried and tested theory and turning it into a practical approach, gives organizations the tools they need to deliver results. This live session is delivered by two of our team development experts, to give you a taste of how to create your best ever teams. 

Single blue line with text saying are you above the line or below the line?

Conscious leadership is a practical framework which can be used by any leader, at any level, in every organisation. Your conscious leadership behaviours can change and transform not just the way you lead, but the way your team works.

As a leader your behavior is critical for your team. Is it above the line, or below?

Pyramid of Lencioni's model 5 dysfunctions of teams

The leader is part of the story. The best teamwork comes from having a “healthy” team. What makes a team healthy and effective? Trust, good working relationships and accountability are some of the essentials if you want outstanding results.  

Lencioni’s model of dysfunctional teams gives a great starting point for understanding how to create – and maintain- a healthy, productive team. 

Join us for this free, 60 minute session to learn more about developing your teams. Enable your teams best ever performance, with a very practical approach. You will leave the session with:

Meet your facilitators

Picture of Jan Gittinger international team development specialist

Jan Gittinger coaches and develops leaders & teams using group dynamics, systemic tools and psychometrics. He believes that facilitation, rather than training, is the most effective way to develop people and help them make changes.  “Developing leaders and teams isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about helping people to improve what they are already doing and finding their ‘lightbulb’ moments for change.”

Working in English, German and French, Jan facilitates and coaches both individuals and teams.

Picture of Tim Cox international team development specialist

Tim Cox  is one of our international team development specialists. He is Australian, lives in Austria, and works in both German and English.  

Tim understands cultural differences. He works with teams across the world, in both local and global organizations. He has used his engineering background and training skills, to develop specific approaches to helping teams perform. Tim believes that all teams are capable of outstanding work, providing they have the tools and insights they need.

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