A gift for you

Master your stress, connect with yourself and others with practical learning you will use again and again

A gift for you

How to maintain grace under pressure

Join us for a live, online and fun session to learn how to develop and maintain grace under pressure. 

In 1926, the writer Ernest Hemingway defined courage as “grace under pressure.” Almost 100 years later we all experience that common phenomenon of being under pressure. It happens to us all, at work and in our private life.

This is true for us all, maybe now more than ever.  We have tried so many different things to help us deal with our challenges. Some help, some don’t. This session offers insights and a technique which is both simple and unexpected. We are confident that this gift will be one you enjoy receiving and using. Come join us and share this gift. 

Your schedule at work may be too tight, you may have challenges and tasks which are too difficult. You have a difficult client, financial concerns, a difficult colleague. All of these pressures build up and we react.

When we react our behaviour is not conscious. We can get irritable and angry and take it out on others.

Or sometimes we just give up. That is not good for us or those around us. We all need practical ways to manage that pressure, the stress of change and challenges.

Don't forget your towel

Join us for 60 minutes to experience and understand practical techniques for mastering stress and maintaining conscious control over your actions and decisions.

This knowledge and learning can be used every day to help build performance and resilience. It will help you feel more connected – to yourself and to other people.

Please bring a towel and two ice cubes to the session – you will need both of these items so don’t forget – they are important!

Meet your facilitator

Stephane Janssoone is a senior facilitator for CLS. We are delighted he is providing our December gift to you.

“As the Managing Director of several companies in the past 20 years, I have not always been able to act as gracefully as I hoped. To me grace rhymes with calmness, presence, empathy, and thoughtful decisions. It fuels exemplarity of a leader. It inspires, motivates and reassures his/her followers.”

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If you would like to register for this session, please complete the form below. Or please get in touch with us for a conversation. 

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